Discord Street
A Discord server management & discovery platform
Ardent United
Crowdfunded and crowdgoverned esports organization
HR tool for effective hiring
Hypersay is a free platform for interactive presentations
Surdo para Surdo
Tutoring platform for the Deaf community in Sign Language
Find out how to be rewarded for making great products
a online whiteboard
Website that recommends playlists on music platforms and fil
Remote Only
A remote-focused job board.
VR Book Reader
Virtual Reality library to read ebooks and comics

New Products

Themes For App
Unsplash of bootstrap themes
DigitalOcean Backup Service
Early-stage News
Milestones from early-stage startups and side-projects

Trending Problems

You can't take your whiteboard with you!
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Dependency of businesses on a separate IT teams even for very simple apps
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Expensive to make MVP and find a developer associate
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Too much paper waste and tree loss
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a new age Linkedin
An app driven social hub driving real life experiences

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