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The fastest email experience ever made
Email is getting too slow
Can you fit your investor pitch on one page?
Car NightVision
Night Vision for night driving
Problem: night driving safety
Custom Clothes and Fashion
Problem: Eliminate mass production of fashion with sustainabilty
One Pager
One page investor pitch summary 🔥
Problem: It's hard to make a clear and concise pitch
help founders create MVPs
build mvp and update mvp in exchange for a percentage
Problem: Expensive to make MVP and find a developer associate
Hapramp Studio
Blockchain based Social Media for Creators and Artists.
Problem: Paying you for the value your data creates, Its your money!
News analytics
AI-powered news analytics
Problem: Allow people to analyze news as they read it
Super affordable fashion jewellery for everyone.
Problem: Handmade Jewellery Discovery & Affordability.

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