Discord Street
A Discord server management & discovery platform
Ardent United
Crowdfunded and crowdgoverned esports organization
HR tool for effective hiring
Hypersay is a free platform for interactive presentations
Surdo para Surdo
Tutoring platform for the Deaf community in Sign Language
Find out how to be rewarded for making great products
a online whiteboard
Website that recommends playlists on music platforms and fil
VR Book Reader
Virtual Reality library to read ebooks and comics
Create Interactive Maps in Minutes

New Products

Themes For App
Unsplash of bootstrap themes
DigitalOcean Backup Service
Early-stage News
Milestones from early-stage startups and side-projects

Trending Problems

You can't take your whiteboard with you!
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Dependency of businesses on a separate IT teams even for very simple apps
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Expensive to make MVP and find a developer associate
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Too much paper waste and tree loss
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a new age Linkedin
An app driven social hub driving real life experiences

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