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Lunar Jobs
Stop applying to jobs without getting interviews
The hiring process is broken
Visualize your cash flow on a calendar
Startups run out of money
Feeling rejected? Submit your YC company.
we introduce you to investors automatically via your KPIs
Problem: data driven investor introductions
Barber/Salon Floor Mats
360 degrees all around Support
Problem: Current mats limited support.My patented mats does.
Mobile TOR Router
Secure browsing on any open internet connection, anywhere.
Problem: Secure browsing on unsecure networks.
Paperless Billing receipt Platform
Problem: Reduce paper wastage and save trees
Save From Web
Instagram Downloader
Problem: Save Instagram photos and videos you want with the click.
Venmo for crypto
Social Payments App for crypto
Problem: People aren't spending digital currencies.
Assistant that connects to your calendar and helps you
Problem: Planning meetings and getting there takes too long
Chatbot which helps predict budget plans and cashflow
Problem: SMBs forgetting to realise the amount of budget they have
Content Marketing for SMB
Allow ecommerce stores to hire content writers.
Problem: Allow ecommerce stores to hire writers
Pitching in to fix up problems in your local neighborhod
Problem: Takes too much time to wait for a park or pothole to be fixe
Check instantly if any investor will accept your startup!!
Problem: Providing startups and investor analytical data freely
Toothbrush as IFTTT source
An IFTTT enabled toothbrush to send notices when used
Problem: Allows parents to monitor and act on children's brushing
Reporting pothole locations
In-car diagnostics to identify and report pothole locations
Problem: Pothole reporting is highly manual and error-prone
Cartoon Maker with Gifs, Memes and Dramatic Zoom!
Problem: Anyone can animate anything with it - and it's free!

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