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Frederic Kavita  
help founders create MVPs
build mvp and update mvp in exchange for a percentage
Anita Okoh  
Build a smart business model at $59
Salil Sethi  
News analytics
AI-powered news analytics
De-noise audio files
AI-powered tool to automatically de-noise audio files
Shubhendra Vikram  
Hapramp Studio
Blockchain based Social Media for Creators and Artists.
Jacob Sheldon  
Slice Capital
Invest alongside top Angels and VC’s for $100
Robson Mafra  
Surdo para Surdo
Tutoring platform for the Deaf community in Sign Language
Shariq Mohammad  
Islamic Startups Entrepreneur
Seattle, WA, USA
Al Sadaqah app
Version 2 with enhanced and new features.
The RizqVentures app is a gateway for entrepreneurs and exis
Sky Rand  
data collection and analysis
Paul Gordon  
Online/offline networking for freelancers and remote workers
Prajwal P
Super affordable fashion jewellery for everyone.

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