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Frederic Kavita  
help founders create MVPs
build mvp and update mvp in exchange for a percentage
Anita Okoh  
Build a smart business model at $59
Salil Sethi  
News analytics
AI-powered news analytics
De-noise audio files
AI-powered tool to automatically de-noise audio files
Jacob Sheldon  
Slice Capital
Invest alongside top Angels and VC’s for $100
Shubhendra Vikram  
Hapramp Studio
Blockchain based Social Media for Creators and Artists.
Robson Mafra  
Surdo para Surdo
Tutoring platform for the Deaf community in Sign Language
Shariq Mohammad  
Islamic Startups Entrepreneur
Seattle, WA, USA
Al Sadaqah app
Version 2 with enhanced and new features.
The RizqVentures app is a gateway for makers & investors
Medha M  
A common online platform for non-profitable charity stores
Gautam Lakum  
Design Sprint Facilitator. I believe in getting started. I help enterprises, startups find solutions to their critical product/business challeng
Ahmedabad, India
Design Sprint 2.0
High fidelity prototypes tested by real users in a week!
A Planner App
A digital planner diary
Sky Rand  
data collection and analysis
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