The Sprouts program has been suspended until more funding is secured

Over several months we gave out weekly cash grants to makers all around the world - India, Germany, Romania, Malta, UK, Canada, USA and more.

It was awesome to see the great products submitted and we hope the money helped take these projects farther. We are currently in the process of raising more money to continue this effort on a larger scale, so stay tuned.

Suspended 9/23/2018

How it works

Eligibility for awards is always free, and 100% merit based


Select Sprouts when you submit your product or idea


Make sure you and your project are "qualified" (see Rules)


Engage with other projects and watch your ranking for the next 7 days


Get an award package if your product is selected (see FAQs)


Contact us to support makers

Why this matters

Not everyone wants to go to Silicon Valley

A lot of makers just want to make. They aren't trying to raise capital or start a Unicorn. They make to express their creativity.

Not everyone can get to Silicon Valley

Talent is universal and evenly distributed. Opportunities aren't, and we're changing that.


Can you define "popular"?

What does "qualified" mean?

Can't people game the system?

What if I don't want cloud credits?

Where do the cash grants come from?

Is the cash grant an investment?

Can I be a sponsor?

When should I post my project?

Where makers are rewarded

Submit your product or idea to join the beta

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Rules and Terms

  • Popularity is determined by user engagement with your project, including votes, comments, subscribes, and more.
  • Votes and engagement from new or unverified users will not count toward popularity
  • Your account must be verified before your project is eligible
  • We want to serve the global community of entrepreneurs. However, current sanctions in the US prevent us from doing so in some countries. At this time we cannot send cash grants or other awards to users who are on the OFAC sanction list, or who live in countries on the list.
  • We may not be able to give grants to makers in these locations.
  • Awards that include non-cash items such as Google Cloud credits may be subject to the terms the partner specifies
  • Cash grants will be dispersed within 30 days of the award decision (hopefully within 7 days)
  • You must select 'Sprouts' when submitting your project in order to be eligible for the grants and awards
  • You cannot pay other people to engage with your project. If we suspect this your account may be permanantly suspended.
  • This program is still in beta and we may cancel it at any time. But projects posted before the cancelation date will still be eligible for grants and awards.
  • Additional awards may periodically be added to the cash grants. These will likely vary from week to week depending on that week's sponsors. Your project is only eligible for the awards listed for the week you post.
  • Do not downvote other projects in an attempt to help your own. This will actually make matters worse for your project.
  • Do not attempt to game the system - all such attempts or perceived attempts will disqualify your project from award eligibilty.
  • We may not be able to give grants to projects on this list.
  • Any projects that violate our Terms of Service will be ineligible for awards and grants.

These rules are intended to bring fairness to the Sprouts program. Our goal is that your products and ideas will stand on their own merits - so we don't want the selection process to be subjective. At the same time, we reserve the right to withold the grants and awards for any perceived violation of our rules or terms - even if the idea or product is one of the most popular.