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Hypersay is a free platform for interactive presentations
Problem: We stop #DeathByPowerPoint 50% - 70% wasted time
Hapramp Studio
Blockchain based Social Media for Creators and Artists.
Problem: Paying you for the value your data creates, Its your money!
Cryptocurrency analytics that require no coding skills
Problem: It's hard to make sense of the cryptocurrency market
New Age Media Platform for the conscious generation.
Problem: CNN, Fox, Buzzfeed
Community for people explitly offer and seek help
Problem: It's hard to find help from people outside your circle.
Place holding
Problem: Can’t place bags around in the airport or b/c security
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It enables 2 cent tips, though only on Twitter
Place holding
Web Automation PaaS + Marketplace

Trending Problems

Expensive to make MVP and find a developer associate
4 people are solvingsolve this
You can't take your whiteboard with you!
3 people are solvingsolve this
Dependency of businesses on a separate IT teams even for very simple apps
2 people are solvingsolve this
Too much paper waste and tree loss
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