Notebook dri-erase board that unfolds to a large size
You can't take your whiteboard with you!
Genius Cards
A fun way to solve the world's problems
The world has a lot of problems that need to be solved!
Make your first MVP cheaply,
Make your first MVP cheaply, find a developer associate
Make your first MVP cheaply, find a developer associate
Diesel Marketer
Easily order quality SEO online
It's too hard to get SEO that works!
Write code anywhere using your voice
It's hard to write code when you're away from your desk
Small business universal loya
a small business loyalty program that lets you earn, tr
current small business loyalty programs only track points earned, you can't transfer points between different businesses like big brand programs.
marketplace to sell and buy p
real estate website for sustainably built homes
to make it easy to buy net zero carbon homes
Similar to uber but for contractors. Do you want an es
The hassle of getting estimates from contractors.
MVP Build Stack
Tools to quickly deploy MVP using static site (leads ge
An idea has to be executed fast
knowledge exchange platform
Promote exchange of knowledge within team members, crea
Knowledge exists within team but it is not being shared
Foldercrate combines email, cloud storage, calendar, no
Easy management, better overview, more options, customization and privacy
Enables operations and developer teams to easily automate everyday tasks
Be designer
Why do we have to wear boring bathsuits? We can buy our own design with the pattern or the image we want
Getting cash in and out of crypto quickly
Make your first MVP cheaply, find a developer associate
Easily discover new bars, create bar hops, and enjoy your night with ease whether you are walking, have a designated driver, or using Uber.

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