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Seedproof is where you can find subscribers for an upcoming project, get feedback on your product, or dial in your pitch deck.

Crowdsource your investor pitch deck
Most pitch decks are bad.
Get feedback from the Seedproof community about your pitch deck so you have a better chance of standing out in front of investors.
Lunar Jobs
Stop applying to jobs without getting interviews
The hiring process is broken
List of investors
Simple list of investors with contact details
Problem: There is no simple, free way to view all startup investors
Free online list containing information and contact details for investors and the firms they work for. You can also comment on current investors or add new ones.
A - B via C
Alternative wheel configuration
Problem: Costs and universal rollout
Automates startup Medical Staffing Agency for Providers
Problem: Access to Healthcare, scarcity of providers in remote areas
Uber extra
An added value services for Uber time: drinks, massage, food
Problem: Make the traveling time more efficient.
Ask your customers to leave reviews without being creepy
Problem: Few customers leave reviews spontaneously.
Get startup ideas every day
Problem: Everyone wants fresh ideas
Build a smart business model at $59
Problem: StartMode helps startups improve their value proposition .
StartMode helps reduces the risk of having a startup failure due to lack of product-market fit. This is done by helping startup get their value proposition reviewed, improved and upgraded

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