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Crowdsource your investor pitch deck
Most pitch decks are bad.
Get feedback from the Seedproof community about your pitch deck so you have a better chance of standing out in front of investors.
help founders create MVPs
build mvp and update mvp in exchange for a percentage
Problem: Expensive to make MVP and find a developer associate
AI Recruiter
Screen resumes, and shortlist as per the job requirements
Problem: Its very time consuming to assess 100's of resumes per job
Hangover Secret
On a mission to be the trusted hangover product
Problem: Hangovers are a waste of life. What if they were optional?
News analytics
AI-powered news analytics
Problem: Allow people to analyze news as they read it
De-noise audio files
AI-powered tool to automatically de-noise audio files
Problem: The world has a lot of problems that need to be solved!
Flexible transit shuttle bus app and location intelligence p
Problem: Dhaka city has no adequate public bus transit system
Smart dining platform
Problem: Finding a economic way to join a private dining table.

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