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Startup Stages
See how you stack up to other startups
Hard to tell if your startup progress is on-track
Keep track of your progress and see how you''re measuring up to other startups in the same stage.
Maker Tracks
Social checklist to help you meet your goals
Hard to stay focused on the goal
Where makers and founders build help each other stay focused and reach their goals.
Visualize your cash flow on a calendar
Problem: Startups run out of money
help founders create MVPs
build mvp and update mvp in exchange for a percentage
Problem: Expensive to make MVP and find a developer associate
Car NightVision
Night Vision for night driving
Problem: night driving safety
Custom Clothes and Fashion
Problem: Eliminate mass production of fashion with sustainabilty
One Pager
One page investor pitch summary 🔥
Problem: It's hard to make a clear and concise pitch
a new age Linkedin
Problem: Startup gen wants a social network that caters to their need
News analytics
AI-powered news analytics
Problem: Allow people to analyze news as they read it

New Products

Peer-to-peer Delivery and Shopping
Real Time Web Solutions
Web Design & Internet Marketing
Smart camera app that saves your moments to shared albums.

Trending Problems

Expensive to make MVP and find a developer associate
4 people are solvingsolve this
You can't take your whiteboard with you!
3 people are solvingsolve this
Dependency of businesses on a separate IT teams even for very simple apps
2 people are solvingsolve this
Too much paper waste and tree loss
2 people are solvingsolve this

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Video sharing platform
Customer conversational and marketing platform
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