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Seedproof is where you can find subscribers for an upcoming project, get feedback on your product, or dial in your pitch deck.

Online programs to help you launch a startup.
You don''t have to code to launch a startup
Founders join a batch, where we work intensively with them on their idea and how to validate it. They''re appointed an experienced instructor with tools to help keep them accountable. Our program fits around a full-time job, with access to helpful guides,
A platform to read and share contents you found interesting.
Making precious contents of small blogs accessible to all.
A platform to read and submit contents based on your interest curated by other people of the community who share similar interests. Many small blogs have precious information but they are not able to rich more readers, we help those contents to reach far
The fastest email experience ever made
Problem: Email is getting too slow
The one and only shoe designed for the everyday
Problem: No shoes are designed for everyday
data collection and analysis
Problem: making data collection for businesses easy
Get your Expert : Get your Answers, and solve your Problems
Problem: Waiting time to get an answer to a specific problem
Your shipping department, simple ecommerce fulfillment.
Problem: Shipping for ecommerce is cumbersome and takes too much time
Cryptocurrency exchange and high liquidity B2B solution
Problem: Bringing crypto to wall street and the institutional market
Online programs to help you launch a startup.
Problem: You don''t have to code to launch a startup
See all your tasks with your calendar.
Problem: Helping you know what to work on each day.
Google Analytics for Software Development
Problem: Non-techies don't understand developers work.
Realtime investor introductions
Problem: Always be raising, w/o the hassle of having to always raise

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Peer-to-peer Delivery and Shopping
Real Time Web Solutions
Web Design & Internet Marketing
Smart camera app that saves your moments to shared albums.

Trending Problems

Expensive to make MVP and find a developer associate
4 people are solvingsolve this
You can't take your whiteboard with you!
3 people are solvingsolve this
Dependency of businesses on a separate IT teams even for very simple apps
2 people are solvingsolve this
Too much paper waste and tree loss
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