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The fastest email experience ever made
Email is getting too slow
Superhuman is gorgeous. Blazingly fast. And comes with advanced features that make you feel superhuman. A.I. Triage. Undo Send. Insights from social networks. Follow-up Reminders, Scheduled Messages, and Read Statuses. To name but a few.
The first (auto) mobile ad platform
Freelancers aren't making enough money
We are transforming the antiquated outdoor advertising industry by leveraging an asset we already have - our cars.
data collection and analysis
Problem: making data collection for businesses easy
The one and only shoe designed for the everyday
Problem: No shoes are designed for everyday
Consumer Products
Feedback tool for offline markets
Problem: Online Remarking for Offline stores
Crowdsourced software testing
Problem: Difficult to hire testers
Google Analytics for Software Development
Problem: Non-techies don't understand developers work.
Realtime investor introductions
Problem: Always be raising, w/o the hassle of having to always raise
Ontrack Studio
Business productivity software for Wellness Studio
Problem: Localization, competitiveness, customization & connectivity
Shop Scenes
Save time and earn money shopping women's plus size fashion
Problem: Finding fashionable plus size clothing is time consuming
The fastest email experience ever made
Problem: Email is getting too slow

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